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Modern high-quality solution

At a rapid pace, the internet and internet applications have entered the field of assessments. From the start, Kenhardt has embraced and offered innovative (online) assessment solutions to clients. Innovation, alongside quality, is in our genes.

The challenge

How can I arrive at better decisions in my selection while keeping costs as low as possible?

The solution

A full assessment has the highest predictive value, but that is too expensive or extensive for some issues. An online assessment is then the solution. Our assessment instruments are available online, modular in structure and available in many languages.

Online from A to Z

Kenhardt can run everything from A to Z for you. Candidates then take selected tests and questionnaires online. We have options with multiple languages, besides of course Dutch and English. An automatic report is generated. If necessary, we link a remote video interview to it and a personal feedback of the results.

Your needs are central

Because our assessment tools are automated, available online and modular, we are able to put together a customised online test programme, i.e. according to your needs. Consider, for instance, the pre-screening of large numbers of candidates; an online ability and/or personality test can be used for this.


Online assessment also offers the right solution for our international clients to conduct, remotely, a fast and high-quality assessment.

Broadly speaking, we have three Online Assessment solutions:

1. Online Assessment

Participants receive a link explaining the Online Assessment on your behalf. If desired, we also provide a brief explanation by telephone. The content of the assessment is determined beforehand in consultation with you. The results are shared with candidate and client.

2. Online assessment plus interview

The online assessment plus includes the same activities as the online assessment, but also includes an extensive video interview. The report consists of test results as well as our consultant’s findings.

3. Online in-house assessment

Are you looking for online assessment tools you can use yourself? Then you have also come to the right place. Together with you, we take a close look at the selection process and determine which platform is most suitable for you, which instruments you can use and which type of reporting is useful for you. Naturally, we ensure thorough implementation, including training. Read more about this at Customer Portal Assessment.

Learn more

Click here for more general and background information on Kenhardt’s assessments or go to the Assessments In General page.

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