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Assessment Client Portal; a great solution

Want to conduct your own tests and questionnaires for employee selection, development and career development? We offer clients the option of their own Assessment Client Portal. High-quality, customer-friendly and inexpensive.

Increasingly, clients themselves have the need to take online assessments via a portal. We are happy to help with this, by selecting and implementing the most suitable Assessment Client Portal for clients.

Quality, reliability and validity

As clients have come to expect from us, quality is a core value for us. When selecting an Assessment Portal for a client, we are guided by this. The tests and questionnaires must be reliable and, more importantly, validated. After all, important decisions about people are taken on the basis of the results. This must be well-founded.

Pre-selection, effective and efficient

Clients often use an Assessment Client Portal as a pre-selection instrument in a stepped selection procedure. For example, by using capability tests at the beginning of the procedure, which quickly clarify whether a candidate has sufficient potential for the intended position. From then on, attention is only given to candidates who are potentially suitable. In this way, we facilitate an effective and efficient use of the valuable time of recruiters and others involved in a selection process.

Better interviews, better prediction

An Assessment Client Portal offers the possibility of taking personality and motivation questionnaires in addition to ability tests. The results are presented by an Assessment Client Portal in a clear manner. The results help to get to know the candidate faster and better during the interview. As a result, the quality of the interview gains momentum. Within the same time, a better assessment takes place and the predictive value of the interview improves by leaps and bounds. Who doesn’t want this?

Preparation for full assessment, added value

For a number of clients who use our Assessment Client Portal, a full assessment is carried out by Kenhardt at the last step in the procedure. When ability tests, personality and motivation questionnaires have already been taken via the Assessment Client Portal, we do not repeat them in the full assessment. Unless retesting or additional tests and questionnaires are necessary. We use the information previously obtained from the Assessment Client Portal and add additional components such as games, simulations and interviews to the full assessment programme. This is convenient for the candidates because it allows them to take tests and questionnaires only once and for the client because it reduces the cost of a final or full assessment.

Implementation within 24 hours

Choosing an assessment portal that best suits your organisation requires some time from our assessment experts. But once chosen, we can quickly make the portal accessible to clients. After all, these are SaaS solutions (software as a service) that we make ready for use with a limited number of actions. Can that be done within 24 hours? Certainly, even faster!

Training, one half-day session

The systems we provide are very user-friendly. Intuitive software that is easy to work with. We find it important for users to get to work properly in one go. This is possible after just a relatively short half-day training. Extensive expert training is also possible. We distinguish two parts of the programme.

Instruction or button training

  • Creating work and competence profiles
  • Create assessment programme
  • Enter and invite candidates
  • Delete scores, resend
  • Generate reports
  • etc.

Interpretation training

  • Norming
  • Tests and questionnaires; measurement interpretation
  • Explanation of various reporting forms
  • Use of assessment in an interview
  • etc.

Assessment Client Portal, state-of-the-art

We work platform-independently and consciously choose to buy high-quality online assessment solutions instead of developing them ourselves. We prefer to use our knowledge in this field to help clients find the best-suited Assessment Client Portal. By setting high standards and working only with the best international suppliers of Assessment Client Portals, we guarantee ‘state of art’ solutions.

Some of the possibilities include:

HRorganizer has been a partner of Kenhardt for many years and is an innovative supplier of Online Assessment Tooling with national and international clients and special tailor-made solutions. The software provides insight into talents and competences of employees and candidates and gives insight into their developability. More information: HRorganizer

Aon assessment solutions (formerly cut-e) is a global market leader with more than 30 million (online) assessments per year in 90 countries and 40 languages. Kenhardt has been involved as a partner from the inception of cut-e. This partnership has continued under the new name AON Assessment Solutions. More information: AON assessment solutions

SHL has traditionally been a high-quality provider with the OPQ as a personality questionnaire as its most well-known instrument. More information: SHL

Implementation partner

There are more suppliers that Kenhardt advises and deploys for clients. We work with the party that best suits the client. Sometimes this is the solution the client has already purchased before or we introduce something new. In all cases, the customer benefits! We make sure the solution is good, has a high predictive value, is customer-friendly to use and at an attractive rate!

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