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Maximum return on development, targeted and effective

Identify, develop and make better use of (hidden) talent. What is the potential of people within your organization? What new challenge can you offer them? And what is needed for their development or next career step?


What is the best start to developing in a focused and effective way?

The solution

A developmental assessment provides an objective starting point for development and allows you to have an employee develop in a targeted way. It prevents development activities that add too little. A development assessment speeds up the development process of your employee and increases the chance of a correct approach considerably. You get a clear view of the qualities, development points and most effective development path of your employee.

The assessment is customized. It starts with a sharp analysis of the question, understanding the context and a thorough job analysis. The assessment often consists of a combination of practical simulations, questionnaires and capacity tests. In a development assessment, we also like to give feedback based on a video recording; with this, development is already initiated during the assessment. Depending on the context, level and content of the job, we determine in consultation with you what is needed. The participant can do part of the assessment at home and part on location. This allows participants to easily fit it into their schedule and we are fast and flexible in our planning.

We summarize our findings in a factual, honest and competency-based report. Our advice is sharp and to the point. We conform to the guidelines of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists which means, among other things, that there is a right of inspection and blocking for participants in our assessments.

The result

A clear picture of qualities, development points and clear advice on the development activities to be implemented. A starting point for drawing up a PDP.

Experiences of participants

  • “Had a great day and an enjoyable experience. Provided with great feedback.”
  • “Learned a lot from it.”
  • “I never felt uncomfortable for a moment, it was open and with integrity. Thank you for the nice experience, which I can build on again.”
  • “I find the results recognizable and thus also an excellent stepping stone to work on a number of skills and use expertise promotion in a targeted way.”


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