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Human Resource Management

Kenhardt’s HRM Interim manager is at your service!

The role of HRM is important for the business. Many HRM aspects significantly influence the success of the business. Recruitment & selection in a tight professional market, guiding a reorganisation, or for instance the implementing of performance management. But also redesigning the HRM department, guiding projects in absence management, education & training, remuneration policy, implementing HRM software, strategic staffing, or streamlining of processes. Sometimes it takes an expert HRM interim manager.

We dispose of a vast network of independent senior interim managers. In addition, we collaborate with specialised interim management agencies. Thus, we can help you with our quick response, and high level of sophistication.

Upon first contact, we immediately start to work for you. Experience has shown us that speed and spot-on action are crucial conditions for success. Within three to five days, or sometimes sooner, we will present suitable candidates. We are at your service!

Interim manager is not a solo act!

With Kenhardt, interim management is more than placing a successful candidate. We do our utmost to turn the assignment into your success. In addition to shadow management, the other Kenhardt experts can be involved, if necessary and desired. Of course we take excellent care of the legal and financial aspects of the assignment. We are only happy when, after the assignment has been executed, your organisation is successful without our interim manager. We are fully committed to results, and we are responsible and accountable for the assignment, since the success of your company is at stake. So with Kenhardt, a result-oriented interim manager never performs a solo act!



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More Kenhardt interim expertise

In addition to Human Resource Management, Kenhardt also offers interim managers in:

General Management

Change Management


Registering as interim manager

Are you interested in working as an interim manager through Kenhardt? We would like to meet independent senior interim managers with a minimum of ten years of professional experience in General Management, Change Management and Human Resource Management.

In order to include you in our interim pool, we would like to receive your resume and motivation at:

[email protected]



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